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Lemus Insurance

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We Care About True Value

Lemus Insurance is not only your health plan provider but as residents of Salinas, California, we are also your neighbors. We are part of the community, so know that we will see you at the grocery store and the kids’ baseball games. Our team wants to look you in the eye and assure your that we are doing right by you and your employees. For us, business is personal.

To stay in touch with our neighbors’ health care needs and to remain accessible and responsive, we only do business in our local area.


Our team cares about your health and that of your employees. Lemus Insurance was founded to promote health and provide access to quality health care in a responsive partnership.

The health care market has changed dramatically but our mission remains unchanged. We partner only with highly qualified providers to assist your employees in their medical and disease management. Furthermore, our team offers one of the most generous wellness benefits on the market. Yet, we deliver it all at a competitive price, thanks to our efficiency.