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Group Health Insurance and Agriculture

As a business owner, you watch expenses carefully and work hard for a return on every investment. We at Lemus Insurance in Salinas, California offer group health insurance plans that can be tailored to meet your coverage and budget needs.

No matter the size of your staff, we’d like to help ensure that your health policies are affordable and designed to keep your employees healthy — while helping you reach your business goals.

Tax Advantages

Employers can deduct 100 percent of their employees’ health insurance cost as a business expense. 

How You Benefit by Offering Health Insurance to Your Employees

Businesses that offer group medical coverage report that there are several advantages to doing so. Having group medical coverage may:

  • Lower your hiring costs. Looking for, hiring, and training new employees take time and cost money. Having insurance helps you recruit and retain talented staff members.
  • Reduce absenteeism and decrease risks associated with poor health in the long run. When employees don’t have health insurance, they wait longer to seek treatment. This can lead to staying at home or going out on disability. Healthy employees are less likely to injure themselves or get sick and are more likely to do their jobs well.
  • Enhance your business atmosphere and improve morale. Employees tend to be happier and more satisfied with their jobs when they are offered group insurance. Some small employers indicate that their employees will accept slightly lower wages if their salaries come with health insurance. In addition, employees can benefit tax-wise and experience convenience by paying premiums right from their paychecks.

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